SUBSALVE USA Corporation - [email protected] : President and Production Manager, "Richard" and "Richard G." (both names appear on the website)

Police charged Richard G. Fryburg, 58influence and refusing a chemical test
officer reported smelling alcohol and seeing signs of intoxication.
He later failed a field sobriety test.
He was also cited for driving with an expired registration and a lane roadway violation.

September 2-5, 2016 - North Kingstown Police Department
Sep 3, 2016 - doors (both side swipe type). Carpet & small step stairs in bed of truck. Refer To Arrest:


We have had a terrible experience with this company:

Richard FRYBURG from SUBSALVE USA lied through his teeth and stoled us through a very dishonest scheme.

- We have listed SUBSALVE USA on a black list suppliers and we want to share their bad practice with eveyone possibly concerned -

What were the issues?

  1. SUBSALVE USA's misleading advertising:
    1. " Compliance and Warranty – All carry a one-year warranty. Don’t put your projects or your people at risk – insist on
      SUBSALVE USA for high quality.”
    2. "Quality – Our products, including all components, are proudly made in the USA by skilled craftsmen. Every SUBSALVE
      product is tested prior to shipping
      to ensure reliable performance. You can work with our solutions with confidence!”
    3. "Ready for immediate use—factory-equipped with all necessary hardware.
  2. SUBSALVE USA's payment requirement:
    1. Full payment up front after sending an invoice for the amount of $13,284.00;
    2. Additional quotation for Ocean Freight ($1,396.00 - 8 weeks transit time) or Air Freight $5,699.00 - 7 days transit time).
  3. We put our projects and people at SUBSALVE's reliability:
    1. We immediatly proceeded to the payment of $14,680.00 ($13,284.00 + $1,396.00) by swift on July 6th, 2016.
    2. We scheduled a delivery to our Dive Support Vessel in transit in New Caledonia / Noumea at the end of September 2016, before sailing to a salvage worksite in Vanuatu.
    3. For the next following 3 months we only received "sorriness" from SUBSALVE USA and empty promises for shipping (copy e-mails by clicking here) as per follow:

Fully depending on SUBSALVE USA's goodwill: a nightmare

Evidences of SUBSALVE USA's dishonest scheme (continuation)

To crown the whole, SUBSALVE USA advertises:

"All carry a one-year warranty. Don't put your projects or your people at risk - insist on SUBSALVE USA for high quality."

What inconvenients and damages for us? Possibly same for you...

Some words about SUBSALVE USA's Bags / Parachutes

We were in use of working with salvage bags / parachutes from other makers and these bags were strongly fitted with replacable strops easy to secure to the load for lifting and easy to change if damaged.
SUBSALVE USA's parachutes are made with a single nylon strop stitched to the envelope; probably much cheaper to make, but very desappointing to use or to repair because only replaceable by the maker, not by the user.

On SUBSALVE USA's enclosed bags, all the valves are screwed with silicone overflowing the thread; that augurs badly for disassembling/repairing on site.
Fittings (reductions) are made of PVC and easily broken if over tight (which was the case at the factory).

We ordered SUBSALVE USA's "Fend-Air" (inflatable marine fenders). 24H after inflation they started deflating.

Why did we choose SUBSALVE USA?

What are we about to do now?

But from now, every time we will use these lift bags we will remember this terrible, costy and unforgettable experience...
Do you want SUBSALVE USA bags? Make an offer, we will get rid of them for cheap !

Enclosed floatation bag's fitting over tight and broken (air leak):

Parachute material damaged from factory and delivered without any hardware:

Inflate-A-Tank delivered without any fittings:

Lift bags unsticked after one single dive: